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Dear Akiyo,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that everyone you henna-ed at my wife's birthday party had such nice things to say about you - and your work. I wanted to thank you too - for taking special requests, like my uncle's "Jameson" tattoo - and for being such a pro. It was so easy to talk to you to make arrangements by phone, and I really appreciated that you followed up beforehand about all the details. Your rate was reasonable, you showed up ready to go, and you made everything easy. Not only were you an asset as the party's henna girl, you were also a really nice guest.

Thanks! Mr. Jean Miele
Dear Akiyo,

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated having you and your gentle, loving spirit, create masterpieces on my head during the time I was going through chemo. The summer was so hot, and wearing a wig, so awful, you came into the whole family's lives like an angel. My grown sons and husband all loved seeing you and your talents at work! And people on the street admired the beauty and ingenious displays! What fun evenings we had! I don't miss being bald but I do miss our weekly visits. I'm so glad I found you and will we ever forget the bride and groom you did for my son's wedding!!! Bless you! And Hugs,

Sara Kendall
For personal reasons I was not able to have henna done on my wedding. After a long, exhausting search on henna alternatives, I found online Akiyo's photos of her silver and white henna designs. The pictures were beautiful... but they did no justice to how gorgeous her work looked in person. I went with gold henna designs to match my outfit and it really completed my look. I received so many compliments from people expressing how much they loved the gold design over traditional henna. Akiyo's work made me feel special and I couldn't have been more thrilled

Akiyo is fantastic!! She is an extraordinary henna artist and a superb professional. She arrives exactly on time, ready to get to work and does an amazing job of managing many, many people who want to be adorned with her incredibly beautiful henna artwork. And her work really is "art". She works quickly and precisely and creates everything freehand while adding her own unique artistic flair. But more importantly, she is a delight to be around and is so easy to work with. I am trying to figure out what event I can create to have her come back to us!

Sharon M. - Weston CT
Akiyo applied henna to my pregnant belly when I was 34 weeks pregnant. The design was absolutely beautiful! It was such a special and unique way to celebrate my first pregnancy. I received so many compliments about the design and people loved the idea of henna on my belly. The design lasted for about 2 1/2 weeks, longer than I expected. I would recommend this for all pregnant women! Akiyo was very professional and made me feel relaxed and at ease.

Akiyo was a pleasure to work with and bring into the last month of my pregnancy. Giving her carte blanche in design, I asked her to henna my 8 month pregnant belly with whatever inspired her. What she created was far beyond a work of art, but also incredibly personal and inspirational at such a special time in my life. Aside from emblazoning my belly with her art, she joined us for my baby shower and created beautiful artwork on the hands and feet of my family and friends allowing them to share in such a special part of what I created. Akiyo was professional in all interactions coupled with a wonderful sense of creativity. I highly recommend bringing her and her henna art into your next special occasion.

Akiyo did my 17th birthday party with guys and girls. She was really friendly with the teens, talked and was VERY talented...every stroke came really easy and she was really flexible with requests. Guys were into the tattoos too!
Coming away with a beautiful golden design on my chest was not what I expected from a Christmas party. Akiyo's beautiful hand painted Luxe Glow lasted throughout the holiday season with everyone believing that I was wearing the most delicate of gold necklaces. I loved it! Thank you, Akiyo.

Rose Anne Thom
Akiyo is an artist extrordinaire. After pointing out which of her designs I was most drawn to, I had the pleasure of sitting back and watching her create. And for me, the experience continues as the pigment changes over time. This was the perfect way to celebrate and acknowledge the the birth (and sale) of my first novel - which among other things involves a woman's quest for her artist self.

Rebecca Land Soodak
When I was 32 week pregnant I decided that I wanted to do a photo shoot of my pregnancy and include henna in some way. I found Akiyo by simply surfing the web. On the day of our appointment I felt a natural connection and once she was finished designing my belly I was extremely happy with the results. She was clean and professional and definitely a master of her trade. A wonderful artist. She was polite and easy to talk to - the hour went by so fast, I was having so much fun I didn't want her to leave. The pictures of my belly were on display at my baby shower and everyone was just amazed at the work and how beautiful it was. I recommend Akiyo to the world.

Prisca Salazar-Rodriguez

Akiyo Henna is no longer servicing in NYC area. we are now servicing Austin, TX area.