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henna - temporary tattoo - body art - Akiyo Henna
Jagua body art is a temporary body decoration, Jagua Ink is made out of an extract of the fruit, Jagua from South America. It's all natural and it leaves a blue black stain which resembles a real tattoo. It is a great option to have a tattoo for about 2 weeks or try out your design to see how it looks. Jagua stain also shows up better on dark skin than henna stain. Please allow 24~48 hours for the color to develop.

Private Appointment at Akiyo Henna Location (Astoria)
Please make sure to book an appointment at least a day in advance. If you have a specific design in mind please email in advance to make sure it's achievable in Jagua. If you don't have a specific design we can create a custom design as you wish.
  • $125/hour for straight design tracing (including aftercare, ref prepping)
  • $150/hour for custom design (including aftercare, ref prepping)

Private Appointment at your location
You can have it done at a comfort of your own home. Please make an appointment at least a day in advance. ** travel charge may apply to some areas.
  • Min 1.5hr( $225) (in Manhattan)
When It starts to fade, you can purchase your own Jauga here to touch up so you'll have it for longer time.

You can see some samples of our Jagua work here

This is how it develops colors:
**Please not that there will be some color variation depending one your skin chemistry.

Right after paste removal (leaving the paste for 3 hours) few hours after paste removal 48 hours after paste removal
Akiyo Henna is now permanently closed due to a move. Thank you for all your support for all these years in NYC! We will be opening in Austin, TX next year in 2017!