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Henna paste we use contains 100% natural henna, lemon juice, sugar and essential oil. Here (link to henna info page) for more information on henna. Please keep in mind that it takes about 2 days for the henna stain to develop the darkest color, so if you are planning to have it done for a specific occasions book your henna appointment 2 days prior to the date.

Private Appointment at Akiyo Henna (in Astoria)

Please make sure to book an appointment at least a day in advance. You can bring a design in if you wish otherwise we can create a custom design as you wish.
  • starting at $65

Private Appointment at your location

You can have it done at a comfort of your own home. Please make an appointment at least a day in advance. ** travel charge may apply to some areas or during rush hour travel.
  • Starting at $200~
Small party rate (guests under 50 people)
  • $125 per hour
  • $250 for 2 hours
  • $375 for 3 hours
  • $500 for 4 hours
Large party rate (guests over 50 people)
  • $275 for 2 hours
  • $400 for 3 hours
  • $525 for 4 hours

Maternity service

Henna design on Pregnant belly is becoming a popular service as the maternity portraits gaining more popularity. In Moroccan tradition, pregnant women get henna on their hands and feet to protect and bless the mother for a healthy delivery. Henna design on the belly is a modern twist for a protection and to celebrate pregnancy and embrace the physical changes. This pampering experience can be a great gift idea for a baby shower or can be incorporated into your baby shower celebration.
**Price includes aftercare of drying and wrapping up the designs.
**Please refrain from bathing or sweating after henna application for rest of the day, you may shower the next morning.

Private appointments:
  • $175 for full belly
  • $200 for Full belly and one hand (great for photos)at your location. (Manhattan only)

Belly and Baby shower packages:

Mama Glow package
  • $250 for full belly and simple design up to 10 guests.
    **same day, total of 2 hours.
Mama bliss package
  • $375 for full belly and simple design up to 20 guests.
    **same day, total of 3 hours.
Mama goddess package
  • $400 for full belly and simple design up to 20 guests done on separate days.

Bridal Henna package

Akiyo makes a great effort for every client to have a special experience with her henna service. For bridal clients, all packages include a free 30 min consultation to discuss design details, pricing and any special requests. Most of the designs are one of a kind. We can create custom designs based on what we discuss at the consultation as well as making specific design requests.

Package Image Palms of Hands Backs of Hands Feet
full coverage
simple all fingers, strip up hand
simple toes, design in the middle
full, 2-3 inches up wrist or front and back
simple to medium fingers, strip up hand and 2-3 inches up
toes, tops, 2-3 inches up ankle
full, 6 inches up wrist
medium fingers, almost full or strip up hand and 6 inches
toes, around sides, tops, 6 inches up ankle up wrist
full to elbow all the way around
full to elbow all the way around
toes, around sides, tops, full to knee
Akiyo Henna is no longer servicing in NYC area. we are now servicing Austin, TX area.