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henna - temporary tattoo - body art - Akiyo Henna

If you need henna design on other surface, still go to the professional! We do more than just body art!

Graphic design service

We also provide Henna design/ Henna inspired graphic designs. Having a fashion textile graphic design background, we specializes in creating just the right henna inspired motifs for your specific needs. If you are working on invitations and thinking of making a henna inspired design or you simply like our design for to be on other surface, feel free to email us.

Click Here for some samples.
You can also view some products we designed here.

Custom tattoo design

Since we have many clients wanting to try out designs in henna, custom tattoo drawing service is something we added. We provide the drawing to the exact size you need in JPG and you can printed out and take it to the artist.

Click Here To see some designs we've done in the past.
Akiyo Henna is now permanently closed due to a move. Thank you for all your support for all these years in NYC! We will be opening in Austin, TX next year in 2017!