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henna - temporary tattoo - body art - Akiyo Henna
In 2001, Akiyo Ogura flipped through an art mag and paused at a picture that would become the catalyst for a new passion. A henna design, with its bold and elegant statement, had bewitched her artist's eye. With a background in fashion and textile design, this desire to learn the language of henna developed into what her designs speak today - a fresh interpretation of wearable art. Akiyo Henna, Inc. was founded in 2009, presenting an exquisite melding of traditional henna with a modern, luxe sensibility, easily adaptable to suit her client's needs and sense of style, whether she be a bride or mother-to-be, someone wishing to cover a scar or embellish a bald head. Through henna design, Akiyo strives to offer a celebration of the body, of the mind's ability to create and of the soul's desire for empowerment and self-acceptance - timelessness through art.

Haruko started to training under Akiyo in the beginning of 2011, and started working in parties and events with Akiyo. Since beginning of 2012, she has been working in private parties on her own. she's been a great addition to Akiyo Henna Inc. You can view her work here.

She also has a training in textile design and has worked in the fashion textile industry for over a decade.

Akiyo Henna is now permanently closed due to a move. Thank you for all your support for all these years in NYC! We will be opening in Austin, TX next year in 2017!